23 June 2015

Public Transport Fund Has More Money Than Needy Households

700,000 seniors (citizens and permanent residents) were recently given the SG50 Seniors Public Transport Vouchers.

The $50 vouchers were funded by the Public Transport Fund, which in turn is funded by contributions by the Government and the two public transport operators ("PTOs"), SBS Transit and SMRT.[1]

Was it right, or even appropriate, for the Government to use the Public Transport Fund for this purpose?

12 June 2015

Opposition MPs — More Are Better

When asked recently to comment on the progress made by the opposition, which now has more members in Parliament, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said:

"If we have an opposition which is responsible, which raises serious issues which concern the country, which offers real alternatives to the population and which then debates the hard choices which the country has to make.

If they do that, whether they have one member, whether they have ten members, they are good opposition. If they don’t do that, you may have 20, 30 members, you are not being responsible. So, I would not go on the numbers. I would go on the substance of the debate."[1]