28 November 2014

HSA Should Step Up Enforcement Against Sex Enhancement Drug Hawkers

The Sunday Times reported that sex enhancement drugs were openly sold on the streets of Singapore — so openly sold that its reporters had no difficulty locating them[1].

"The peddlers, who are foreigners, hawk their sex pills openly in the red-light district of Geylang. Some also sell them online.

From 2010 to last year, [Health Sciences Authority ("HSA")] conducted 169 raids in Geylang and seized about 2.5 million pills and products worth more than $6 million. Twenty-six people were either jailed or fined for peddling sex drugs over that period.

24 November 2014

Dealing With Disobedience In Schools

The Straits Times reported that a primary school teacher was sentenced to 60 hours of community service for using criminal force on a pupil last year:
"[The teacher] had been frustrated with the 11-year-old for entering the class despite being told to stand outside as punishment for being late. So he pulled the child, who was suffering from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and dragged him all the way to the room next door. The incident took place at a top primary school in the east.

11 November 2014

Talking Point's Population Debate (Not) Revisited

On or about 7 October 2014, I heard (or thought I heard — the TV was on but I wasn't really paying attention) a Channel News Asia TV trailer drawing viewers' attention to an upcoming episode of its weekly talk show Talking Point.

The person who spoke in the trailer (probably Talking Point host Steven Chia) said that there was to be a Talking Point episode that would revisit last year's population debate.

Typically, such trailer would be broadcast one or two days before the Talking Point show — in this case, Wednesday 8 October.

04 November 2014

Singapore's Failure At Arbitral Tribunal

In 2012, the Singapore and Malaysian governments referred to arbitration an issue that arose from the 27 November 1990 Points of Agreement on Malayan Railway Land in Singapore ("POA") between the two governments.

Under the POA, Malaysia agreed to return to Singapore land that, for the most part, restricted the use for the operation of a railway through Singapore.

In exchange, the POA conferred options on Malaysia.