11 April 2013

Impact of Regulation and Competition on Electricity Tariff (Then and Now)

Energy Market Authority recently commented on the relationship between low tension electricity tariffs and fuel prices.[1]

"Since the electricity market was liberalised in April 2001, the EMA has applied both regulation and market competition to incentivise the industry to reduce costs and achieve higher efficiencies.

"While inflation from 2001 to this year has exceeded 30 per cent cumulatively, grid charges have fallen by 14 per cent.  In addition, electricity tariffs have increased by 34 per cent during that period, compared with a 220 per cent increase in fuel prices.

"As fuel costs make up more than half of the tariff, a 220 per cent rise in fuel prices would translate into the tariff increasing by more than 100 per cent if there were no efficiency gains from regulation and market competition."

04 April 2013

Foreign Spouses — Does Citizenship Have Privileges?

There were 6,853 marriages in Singapore in 2011 between a citizen and a non-resident, or 31 per cent of the 22,013 marriages in which at least one party was a citizen.[1]

Foreign spouses of Singapore citizens must apply for Long-Term Visit Passes ("LTVP") or Long-Term Visit Passes Plus ("LTVP+") to stay in Singapore.

As at 31 December 2012, there were 11,736 foreign spouses of Singapore citizens who were on LTVPs, including LTVP+.  30 per cent had stayed in Singapore for less than one year, 19 per cent had stayed for between one year and two years, 14 per cent had stayed for between two years and three years and 37 per cent had stayed for more than three years.[2]